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Hot Shaper Pants

Hot Shaper Pants

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اسرع فقد بقي 100 فقط من هذا المنتوج عندنا لينفذ من المخزون

سينتهي هذا التخفيض بعد نهاية الوقت اسرع واغتنم الفرصة


Get our fashion and function Hot Shaper Pants & burn your extra fat fast!!
Now you will have the body shape you always wished for..
⭕️ It increases your body temperature, causing you to sweat and burn more calories as you move about your day
⭕️ Designed to keep you comfortable and dry throughout your exercise cause the fabric is specially engineered to block the build up of bacteria that causes odor, and will repel moisture away from your skin
⭕️ Made from 100% latex free neoprene, and include a high percentage of spandex that will conform to your curves
⭕️ 4x to 10x greater perspiration 
⭕️ Reduces waist circumference
⭕️ Soft on body and light
⭕️ Strong but flexible for daily activities
⭕️ You can wear it under clothes and no one will notice it
❗️❗️ Notes:
⬛️ The sizes are shown in details in the picture 
⬛️ Cash on delivery 
⬛️ Free delivery

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